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Skye is currently a visiting therapy rabbit in training. She is being certified through Bunnies in Baskets (BIB). Visit their website below. This allows me and Skye to visit nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. People feel happier when they can touch, hold and play with Skye. We don't stop there. We also educate people about rabbits. 

Too many people impulse buy rabbits from pet stores because they are cute and then don't know what to do with them. Those rabbits are then given up or tossed outside because they are a 'disposable pet' as some would say. Rabbits can live up into their teens and need as much love, comfort, and care as a dog or cat needs. They are social animals that prefer living with a bonded mate. They eat a specific diet and need their cages or litter boxes cleaned often. Just like dogs and cats, they need yearly vet visits and to be spayed or neutered. Rabbits are NOT a disposable pet. They are loving, sweet, playful and need a lot of love and care. 

Skye and I want to help change the idea of rabbits being disposable pets and instead educate people about the greatness of their affection and companionship. We also want to comfort those in need of a little love. Skye may be small, but her heart is big and full of love for all of those who need it. 

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