Baby Bunnies Ch. 2 - First Week

Posted by Sophia on June 17, 2014 at 3:10 PM

          As you know from the last chapter, a baby bunny, called a kit, is born completely hairless with their eyes and ears sealed tightly shut. In the first week of their lives, their first coat of fur will grow, you will be able to tell their colors, they will double in size, and they will begin to move around.

          By the second day of their lives, you will begin to see a bit of peach fuzz on the baby bunnies. Don't rely on this because the color can still change. In Sadie's litter I had a baby that grew all white peach fuzz and ended up looking like an orange dutch. The kits will still rely on their siblings for warmth because this fur will not be helpful in keeping them warm.

          If you check on the kits daily, you may not see much difference from day two to day three but their fur is longer and they should be slightly bigger. Each kit should have a round belly with a white band on it. This white band is called a Milk Band and it confirms that the doe is feeding her babies.

         Day four is when you should be able to tell colors more clearly. They have a lot of fur by now compared to when they were born. Their ears and eyes remain closed.

          Again, you may not notice any difference from day four to day five. If you have pictures of the kits from day two and compare them to the kits now, you will see a significant difference. They will be much bigger and their first coat of fur is almost completel in. Day 6 is the same as the others. The kits fur continues to grow and they will be getting bigger daily.

          By their seventh day, they will have their first coat of fur completely in and their ears may be opening up just a little bit. For the most part, their ears and eyes will still be shut. They continue to rely on their brothers and sisters for warmth and their mother for food. You will be able to tell their colors 100% of the time now. You may even be able to tell if the baby is show qaulity or not.

          The first week is very exciting for the babies, maybe not so much for you. The babies will become a bit more curious, even with their eyes and ears closed. They will move around more and may even venture out of the nest box. It is still very important you place the babies right back in the nest with their brothers and sisters.

          That is all that happens to the babies during the first week. Since this was a short chapter, I am also going to add some myths about baby bunnies to clear some things up.


  • Touching a baby bunny will make the mother abandon it. If the doe rabbit is comfortable around you and knows your scent, it is important to socilize the babies as soon as possible. If you don't they will not grow up to be as friendly as you may want them to be. The mother rabbits will not mind you touching her babies and will continue to care for them.
  • Rabbits will not take care of other baby bunnies. If for some reason a doe refuses a kit, you can put the kit in with another litter of the same age. Just put a dab of vanilla on the foster mother's nose and place the baby with her litter. She won't be able to smell the difference and by the time the vanilla wears off, the baby will have her scent on him.
  • Keeping two babies of the same gender together to grow up together means they will bond. This isn't always true. When the babies grow up and hit puberty, they will sometimes fight and bicker causing them to grow apart.


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