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Posted by Sophia on May 31, 2014 at 8:15 PM

BIB offers training for rabbits starting at the age of 6 weeks. I, Skye, am only 3 weeks right now so I can't begin training for 3 more weeks (pooh). Human mom (HR)  has decidied to train me for things that BIB can't.

Mama bunnies only feed their young once or twice a day so it's okay for babies to be away from the mom all day if need be. Some breeders 'shelf raise' their babies which means their nest box stays out of the cage and only goes in with mom twice a day.

Yesterday, HR brought me to her friend, Marie's house. Marie is a very talented artist (visit her website at She is having an open house this weekend to showcase her art so HR went to help her. She brought me with and I ran around the shop all day long! I ran, binkied, took naps, and ate some fresh hay. Marie loves bunnies and I was able to meet a lot more people than just HR.

I didn't to the first day of the open house but I will be going tomorow since it won't be so busy and I've had a break. Man, yesterday pooped me out. I came homes and crashed in HR's hands, after my feeding of course.

Tomorrow, HR and Marie will be working on sewing me a harness with my name and 'Therapy Rabbit' on it. They will also sew me a small one to fit me now so that I can begin to get used to it.

Soon, HR will be buying me a basket and training me to stay in it.

A lot of these things can't be trained until later because I have a teeny tiny belly and I can't handle most treats because of my baby bunny digestive system - they are VERY sensitive.

Have a good weekend, I know I am!

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