My Name is Skye...

My name is Skye and I am a very cute and very friendly bunny. I was born to Sonny and Sadie on May 8, 2014 in Illinois. I love meeting new people and being loved on. I don't mind being handled and this job is perfect for me!

Not all people like dogs and cats. People in hospitals and nursing homes can't keep their other animals with them either, so they get no comfort from a furry friend, or the comfort of a dog or cat...until now. BIB (Bunnies in Baskets) has made it possible for many rabbits just like me to be able to comfort and console men and women who prefer a smaller friend. Me and my human want to be able to give people my warmth and love anytime they need it. I am a small animal that cat fit on your lap. I don't scratch, bite, or make any loud noises. I don't sniff or move a lot either. I will sit calmly in your lap and let you pet me all over until you are happy and smiling. I want to be there for people whether it be their last day alive on earth or their first - I want to make them happy. 

I also vow to educate as many people as I can about the long lives of rabbits - and all the care they need. I vow to try and eliminate people impulse buying rabbits. I vow to change the look of rabbits as 'disposable pets'.

To the left is me loving on my father, Sonny.